Energy efficient hot water solutions for your home

We rely on hot water for washing, cooking and bathing and take it for granted until it’s not there. Hot water which isn’t hot enough, insufficient hot water for family baths and low water pressure from your shower are just some of the most common issues that annoy homeowners on a daily basis.

You’ll be pleased to know that these are all simple fixes which On Par Plumbing can remedy with a simple call out. It might be time to switch to instantaneous gas water heating or to replace your old boiler with a more efficient one. Whatever the problem, we can find an energy efficient system and solution that will suit your personal needs and budget.


Low hot water pressure can be due to several things from debris in the showerhead, a water leak or faulty tempering valve. We can investigate the reason for your low hot water pressure and recommend an appropriate solution

An overheating water heater can be a safety hazard and should never be ignored. It can lead to skin burns but more importantly it can cause irreparable damage to the water heater. It could be due to a faulty thermostat or pressure relief valve, sediment or a faulty heating element. Give us a call as soon as you notice that this is a problem and we can investigate thoroughly for you.

No you don’t. If you prefer you can just provide us with access to the property and we will undertake the work, lock up securely afterwards and email you an invoice for the work done.

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    Other Services

    Gas Fitting

    Our licensed gas fitters can install, service and maintain all your gas appliances, offering knowledgeable advice on the best products to meet your hot water and heating requirements.

    Water Filtration & Pumps

    From whole house water filtration systems that create better tasting water, to water tank cleaning and sterilisation we’ve done it all and can recommend the best solutions.

    Residential Plumbing

    Delivering fast call response times, prompt appointment keeping and planned and scheduled project management for all your domestic plumbing requirements.

    Emergency Repairs

    From water leaks to burst pipes, we thrive on the adrenaline rush of rapidly fixing your emergencies and minimising the disruption they cause.